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 Fish De-Worming Recipe By Dawn 
Fish De-Worming Recipe
Fish De-Worming Recipe

By Dawn

Copyright, September 2003

Editor Note (JanS): I thought I'd move this recipe over here since it was buried in another topic and hard to find. This is from Dawn and Vicki.

Deworming: as long as they're eating normally, soaking their food is the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to deworm; it's a good idea to do this every 3 or 4 months. It may sound complicated and intimidating when you first read it, but once you've done it once you'll realize how easy it is.

ColorBits Cocktail: You will need a tin of Tetra ColorBits, metronidazole and levamisole. This combination is effective against virtually any internal nasties that bother angelfish, and most other fish as well.

You can use other foods, but the ColorBits work really well; they hold together better and break up in small chunks when they hit the water, so everyone generally gets some--and, most everybody will eat it eagerly. The day you plan to deworm, don't feed them anything else beforehand. Metronidazole is available from Foster & Smith in a convenient powder form, in 5 gram vials that come with their own little spoon. Levamisole can usually be obtained from your vet (he might have to special order it, mine does this for me), or you can also often find it at a good farm supply store. Levasole is the brand name that I use, and it's also in powder form.

Making the cocktail: take the top of the ColorBits can and place in it one spoonful of the metronidazole and one spoonful of levamisole. Add about one teaspoon of water and mix as thoroughly as you can; it may not all dissolve, don't worry about that. Then add enough ColorBits to the top to soak up all the medication; mix it thoroughly with your finger. Feed as much as you can fit on the end of your finger to the tank--swish your finger around to break up the blob. Try to watch and make sure everybody gets a bite. It sinks quickly enough that your bottom feeders should get their share, too. One capful, mixed as above, is enough for me to deworm all my tanks; it's economical and very effective. It's a good idea to do a big water change the next day, even if you haven't noticed any worms being passed. IF when you put it in the tank the blob doesn't break up as well as you hoped and some piggy fish comes along and swallows the whole thing, don't panic, it won't hurt him. I know this from experience!

Editor Note (JanS):As always, thanks to Dawn for the above recipe and for finally convincing me what a good idea this is!

Copyright 2003, Aqua Den. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Moderator's Note: If you would like to discuss any aspects of this article, please do so in THIS THREAD within Aqua Den's Article Discussion Forum. If you would like to contribute an article on any aspect of freshwater (or saltwater) aquaria, please contact the site Administrators.

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